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Panel Applicants Introduction

APS Honours Panel System

Panel system is currently under review but any changes will not take effect until 1 year after the review has been completed and is approved by the Management Committee.

General - The standards set for Licentiateship and Associateship are equivalent to those needed to gain the same Honour under the Exhibition System. FAPS requires the submission of work showing outstanding technique and originality and for MAPS not only outstanding technique but also creativity and personal style.

Deemed to Satisfy – Members who have exhibited their images may apply for credit for acceptances and awards.

Images to be Distinctly Different – All images submitted in a Panel application must be distinctly different, in content, from all other images in the submission.


  • submit between 10 and 12 digital images
  • not fewer than 3 of the panel members must be satisfied that at least 10 of the images submitted are at least of National standard


  • submit between 20 and 25 digital images
  • not fewer than 3 of the panel members must be satisfied that at least 20 of the images submitted are at least of National standard
  • In cases where a member applies under the Panel system for AAPS and does not already hold LAPS, the Panel may offer the lower honour of LAPS in the event that the submission is not considered to be of a sufficient standard to be awarded AAPS


  • submit between 40 and 45 digital images.
  • not fewer than 4 of the panel members must be satisfied that at least 40 of the images submitted are of International Standard.


Note: Before you think about this level read the articles located in the APS Panel Applicants Information area, especially the ones by Bronwen Casey and Phillipa Fredricksen both of whom have attained MAP by Panel.

Mentoring is strongly recommended not just to ensure that your images are of an international (acceptance) standard as a minimum but also your chosen theme is carefully thought out and your images fit that theme.

This honour is reserved for those photographers who are outstanding in their field. It aims to allow photographers to demonstrate their photographic skill, talent, creativity and personal interpretation. Exhibition acceptances are not considered. The submission must be complete in itself, and coherent, illustrating a specific theme. The choice of ideas is entirely up to the author. The result needs to be that the folio needs to stand on its own as an expression of the author's creativity in the transmission of emotion, moods, illusions, or any other message. The folio must be submitted in such a way that befits this Honour. An introductory text that describes the subject and the creative conception of the photographer must accompany the submission.

For approval by the Assessment Panel, a submission must receive at least 4 votes for MAPS.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate their overall ability in both colour and monochrome media. Each submission is to consist of a main folio of at least twenty digital images (monochrome or colour). This folio is to be supported by ten photographs from the other medium as shown in the table below.

Main Folio  Supporting Folio
Colour Digital Images
Monochrome Digital Images
Monochrome Digital Images
Colour Digital Images


It is preferable that the supporting folio is of the same subject matter. APS recognises that few photographers achieve the same standard in both colour and monochrome media so the supporting folio will not be accorded the same critical evaluation as the main folio. As a guide, the quality of both folios needs to be of an international (acceptance) standard as a minimum.


In the Panel Applicants Information menu, you will find several resources that you can use to assist you.

Applying for Honours via the Panel System by Alfred Zommers GMAPS EFIAP/b

MAPS by Panel - the Challenge by Bronwen Casey. Bronwen Casey attained MAPS by Panel in 2008.

MAPS by Panel - the Journey by Phillipa Fredricksen - her personal MAPS by Panel application process in 2016.

Master of FIAP - an article about the Master of FIAP process by Bronwen Casey - FIAP Liaison Officer for APS.

Links to Portfolio Examples - RPS and PSNZ Honours only go as high as Fellowship but nevertheless will give you some good ideas. FIAP link takes you to Master of FIAP portfolios. MFIAP is of a similar standard to MAPS by Panel.