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4 Nations

Dear APS members,
The APS has received the following invitation from PSSA – the Photographic Society of South Africa.
4 Nations 2014 -­‐Inter-­‐Society Digital Image Competition Invitation

The Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA) as host Society for  2014 cordially invites entries from the Australian Photographic Society (APS), Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA), and the Canadian Association of Photographic Art ( APA) to participate in the 4 Nations competition for 2014.

This is THE competition open to ALL members of APS irrespective to which DIVISION/they belong to. If your image is selected then you will represent Australia under the umbrella of the Australian Photographic Society Inc. It is a great Honour and is rewarded. In 2013 we APS won this prestigious competition.

APS members are invited to submit 2 digital images to the 4 Nations coordinator for APS.. Peter S. Manchester AFIAP, AAPS, Hon FAPS as an attachment by email to by Friday 28th March 2014

DETAILS of this Inter – Society Digital Competition

1.    Format of the Competition

Each countries entry to consist of 80 digital images by 80 individual photographers in the following categories;

  1. Open 35 images
  2. Monochrome 15 images
  3. Nature 15 images
  4. Our Country 15 images
  5. This is the same as 2012 and 2013

This means 80 APS members with one image. The 4 Countries submit 80 images ... a total of 320 images for the competition.

2.    Judging and Awards

These images are sent off to 3 judges in Singapore (Mr David P C Tay, Hon EFIAP, MFIAP, FRPS, a member of the Directory Board of FIAP will head the panel and he will be assisted by Mr Teo Yong Kang, MFIAP, FRPS and Mr Steven Yee Pui Chung, FRPS) who will judge each image. The results are sent back to the Coordinator (in 2014 it is PSSA) where the results are collated to determine the;

4 Nations Award
Awarded to the winning Society with the highest cumulative score of the four categories. The host Society shall determine the winner of this award by totalling the scores supplied
by the judges for each image. This award is an e-­‐certificate.

PSSA Gold Award
Awarded to the individual highest scoring image in each category. The judges shall determine which Image in each category shall be the recipient of the award for that category either by mediation or as indicated by the highest scoring image for that category. These awards are e-­certificates.

4 Nations Honourable Mention Certificates
Awarded to individual images that receive Honourable Mentions (up to 3 certificates for each category). The judges shall determine which images in each category
shall be the recipients of a certificate either by mediation or as indicated by the next highest score. These awards are e-­certificates.
An Audio Visual of the results and top entries of all countries will be made and announced to all delegates at APSCON in Ballarat in September 2014. The total number of the 80 Australian authors who were selected will be posted on the APS website in May 2014. The results of the 4 Nations contest will also be posted on the APS website AFTER the APSCON presentation in September 2014.

3.    HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR IMAGES to the coordinator Peter S. Manchester

  1. Only digital projected images are acceptable.
  2. No image previously entered in this competition is permitted to be used again.
  3. Current images are to be encouraged.
  4. The maximum resolution of each image to be 1600 horizontal x 1200 vertical (1600w x 1200h) using the sRGB colour space and jpeg format.
  5. The maximum file size to be kept to under 1000Kb ( 1Mb) where possible.
  6. Please name the image and put your name next to the image at the bottom of your included image eg. dog love – Peter Manchester
  7. Images may be acquired on traditional film and scanned to an electronic file or acquired electronically with a digital camera.
  8. All processing procedures performed on the digital image must be the work of the photographer.
  9. As photographers, all elements must be photographic so if graphic elements are included they should enhance the photographic image, not take over from it.

Copyright and use of individual images.
Individual entrants must hold and will retain at all times the copyright of their image. By entering this competition the individual entrant agrees to use of their image for publicity and promotion purposes of the 4 Nations Inter Society Digital Image Competition in publications and websites of all four participating Societies.