This procedure is supplementary to the APS Rules of Association, including Sections 9B2 to 9B.12.

Source and Format:

  • As prescribed by the APS Rules of Association, Motions can be submitted to MC from individual members, sub-committees or sub-groups or be generated by MC members.
  • There is no prescribed template for a Motion; however, the Motion and supportive points must be in written format and provide enough additional context to inform MC of:
    • The intent and purpose of the Motion: what is proposed and what will it achieve / what is the benefit.
      • Are there any known or potential negative impacts of the Motion
    • Any relevant information that can support the rationale for the Motion. This is particularly relevant if the Motion is for a change of APS Rules, Conditions or a change to an approved APS document
    • The formal Motion statement.
      • The Motion should be succinct and clear.
      • For more complex matters the Motion may refer to another document that is approved within the Motion.

Submission of Motions

  • Motions must be submitted to the APS Secretary no less than 14 days prior to the next scheduled MC Meeting (refer APS Events Calendar for scheduled meeting dates)
  • The APS Secretary will collate and send Motions to MC members no less that 10 days prior to the next scheduled MC Meeting .
    • To maximise the time for MC to review the Motions, this may be in advance of the final Agenda and other papers)

14 Day Exceptions

  • The MC Chair and Secretary can accept a late Motion if the issue being addressed by the Motion is considered a time critical issue.
  • If an issue is identified and resolved within the MC Scheduled meeting, and a Motion is required, the Motion can be created and voted on within that meeting.
  • MC can consider a Motion outside the next scheduled meeting if the President and Snr Vice-President consider the issue to be time critical.
    • In this circumstance the Motion should be forwarded to MC members and a formal meeting set to discuss and vote on the Motion

Motion Voting

  • The Secretary will list all Motions as Agenda items and set up all Motions in Zoom using the Polling tool
  • After the Motion is discussed, a formal vote will occur via the Polling tool
  • The Secretary will record in the Minutes whether the Motions has passed or not passed.
  • The Chair is responsible for ensuring the outcome is
    • Uploaded and recorded on the APS website - MC area
    • If passed, promoted to members (at minimum through the next E-News or equivalent)
  • As prescribed by the APS Rules of Association, the Motion proposer will be notified of the outcome within seven [7] days of the decision being made, noting the ‘decision’ may be:
    • The outcome of the MC vote (passed / not passed)
    • A request for additional information, or
    • Suggested amendments to the Motion