Why Join the APS?

APS is Australia’s leading Photographic Organisation providing a range of benefits for photographers across all sectors of the photographic community.

APS is a place for all photographers to join, learn and share images and experience’s, make new friendships and earn rightful recognition for their images.

APS caters for individual photographers needs such as gaining Honours and image critique.

There are activities that cater to all photographers ranging from Virtual conference style events and workshops through online activities such as the folios and the critique room to face- to-face Meetup styled events. There are also Social media pages for members with two public pages and a number closed groups for members who are interested in specialist subjects

APS can help you improve your photography, increase your level of satisfaction and achievement with your images, and make lasting friendships with fellow photographers throughout Australia. All that is required is that you take two steps; the ­first, Join the Society; the second, Become Involved in what we have to offer.




The Society also offers 2 magazines, through Yaffa Publishing:

  • Australian Photography is published bi-monthly, and is available to members for $57.00.
  • Capture Magazine is published bi-annually and offered to members for $15. It is a magazine designed for pro photographers.


We also offer one magazine through Media Publishing:

  • Photo Review is published quarterly, and is available to members for $39 per year printed, and $31 per year for a digital only copy.



The APS has a wonderful website that portrays images from many of its members. It is packed full of information from how to achieve your Honours to the latest National and International competitions.

There is a Critique Room for members only and there are Web Folios where members can share and comment on each other’s images. These activities  have become important aspects to members of the Society. The website also displays the Group newsletters and links to many different web galleries, competitions and various information.


As a member of the Society you are encouraged to join one or more of the specialist groups at no additional charge. The Groups are Print, Nature, Contemporary and Audio Visual.

Each Group provides a range of services to its members, including competitions, folio participation, image appraisal, discussion groups and technical advice.


All groups operate a series of postal and/or web folios. Web folios require an internet connection to upload and view images. This is a most useful service, especially for members who live outside the major cities and overseas.

All members of the folio offer constructive comments about the other members’ images and how they think they could be improved. Most folios have an experienced photographer as a mentor.

Some folios offer no restriction on subject matter, while others are based on specialist interests. This system offers the photographer valuable feedback on the image that they submitted.


The APS offers members the opportunity to have their very own image gallery on  the APS website. Image gallery software is provided for the member to upload up to 180 images for a fee of only $30 per year. This has proven to be a very valuable service to members.


Each year a number of national and international exhibitions are conducted under the auspices of the APS.

Entries are judged by panels of highly qualified judges and, on the basis of that judging, a proportion of the images are accepted for display and awards.

Authors of images accepted earn points towards photographic Honours offered by the Society.

A list of exhibitions approved by the APS is published in the APS Honours section of our website. List of APS approved exhibitions.



APS offers a range of photographic excellence and service honours, and also coordinates applications for international honours conferred by the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).

The photographic excellence honours awarded by the Society, in increasing level of difficulty, are LAPS (Licentiate of APS), AAPS (Associate), FAPS (Fellow), MAPS (Master), GMAPS (Grand Master), and APSEM (APS Exhibitor’s Medal).

To apply for LAPS or AAPS it is necessary to have been a member of the Society prior to applying for APS honours. Applications submitted through the exhibition system are accepted all year, while those made through the panel system are accepted between January and 31 March each year.



APS conducts a variety of competitions, as do individual Groups. These are in addition to the Society’s own National exhibitions, which are conducted across the year.

The Society also promotes [Under FIAP patronage] International exhibitions and coordinates Australian entries in FIAP Biennial exhibitions. Any member may participate.


Under the Rules of Association the Society is run by a Management Committee consisting of President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Immediate Past President and three elected members.


Telephone (02) 9890 9795
Email The Secretary