The ND web folios are for the members of the Australian Photographic Societies Nature Group. The purpose of the folios is to provide a forum for photographers to provide and receive feedback on each others images. Membership of the folios is open to current members of APS's Nature Group.

Each folio is limited in number of members in order to control the workload required every round. Some folios have a round every fortnight, while some have one round every month. Membership of a folio can be requested by contacting the Secretary.


Scoring guide for APS web nature folios.

Out of 15

Natural history: complies with the nature definition and tells a story of the subject (6 points)

Composition: arrangement, form, colour and presentation (3 points)

Technique: lighting, exposure, focus, (3 points)

Impact: the power to catch and hold attention (3 points)

This provides a maximum of 15 points (half-points and quarter-points are allowed)