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AV Definitions

Audio Visual Categories and Definitions:

Diaporama/Audio Visual is defined as a sequence of still images where the storyline or theme, sound, transitions and images are interdependent. An effective sequence will have unity of its three parts: the conception, the visuals and the sound. Generally, these three elements should reinforce each other such that any one without the other two would be unsatisfactory. Adequate conception involves an idea with a suitable introduction, an interesting development of the idea and an appropriate close. Narrative or text may be employed but is not mandatory. The medium is very flexible and artistic expression within it can take many forms. There is no restriction on subject matter but each sequence must be placed in one of the categories listed on the Exhibition entry form.

Acknowledgement of the work of other artists (e.g. music, text, poetry and images) must be included at the end of the sequence. Display of the author’s name is optional but if used it must be at the end.

Each sequence should not exceed 12 minutes. Each sequence awarded an "Acceptance" is eligible for consideration for Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship Honours levels.

There has been a category change to the APS AV National and Autumn AV National competitions.

Following are the full definitions for the new categories, and also the rules.

The definitions and rules are available to download in the AV Download section.


The sequence can be about travel, history, natural history, sport, an event, a person or persons, nature or any subject or story that pertains to factual information. The sequence must contain text and/or narration– plus music and sound effects if desired. Video is allowed, but must not be more than 20% of the total duration of the sequence.


The sequence will portray any subject or story using a poem and/or song. The sequence cannot be accompanied by music alone, but must contain narration and/or text for poetry-based sequences, and song vocals and/or text for song-based sequencesMusic and/or sound effects may also be applied. Video is allowed, but must not be more than 20% of the total duration of the sequence.


The challenge lies in the production and visual progression of images linked to instrumental music. It is not a requirement to have a story with a specific beginning, middle and end, but the production should be constructed so that images dissolve harmoniously in terms of colour or tone and graphic design. No narration, or songs with vocals, or text is allowed, except in the title slide and credits at the end. Video is allowed, but must not be more than 20% of the total duration of the sequence.


The sequence will portray any subject, story or theme other than defined in the Documentary, Photo Harmony, or Poetry and Song categories. Examples are: Humour, Fiction.  The sequence may contain any combination of music, sound effects, text and/or narration. Video is allowed, but must not be more than 20% of the total duration of the sequence.



  1. Those who have not received a 1st or 2nd place in a national, or an acceptance in an international AV competition, may enter the Novice Any acceptances awarded in this section will not go toward Honours points. If an acceptance is awarded, this is an acknowledgement of encouragement to the Novice.
  1. Any previously accepted AVs in the current National being entered at the time, cannot be entered again.
  1. All entries will be judged for their artistic merit, regardless of the method used to produce them. The Summary, on the accompanying Fiche, is only for the convenience of the judges and organisers, and will not be taken into account by the judges in their assessment.
  1. No restrictions on subject matter or format. This is an Open competition. Author’s name, if used, should be at the end of the sequence.
  1. All entries are required to give appropriate credit, on the sequence and on the fiche, to the work of other artists used in the AV i.e. music, poetry etc.
  1. Each entry must be a standalone digital production – Exe (PC), MP4 or .mov, without the need of the software that produced it and do not have a ‘run’ box.
  1. Entries will not be returned and will be deleted from computers after the exhibition.
  1. Copyright – in accordance with copyright law, all AV sequences must be free of all rights of ownership, whether artistic or otherwise, which may be held by others. By taking part in the competition, authors indemnify the organisers against all and any actions that may be taken against them by owners of copyrights. The organisers of the competition will accept no responsibility in the event of dispute or litigation. Judges’ decisions are final and neither organisers nor anyone else may alter the decisions in any way.
  1. Submission of a sequence implies permission for it to be shown in public, or an image used in an approved APS magazine; acceptance of these rules and of all jury decisions.
  1. Entry is open to all photographers resident in the Commonwealth of Australia or its Territories and also from financial APS members resident overseas. All overseas authors/co-authors must be financial members of APS.via PAYPAL.   NO CASH ACCEPTED.