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FIAP Distinctions Applicant Registration Page

Registration is only for those people who believe they may be applying in the next intake of FIAP Distinctions applications.
The purpose of this register is to ensure the the FIAP Liaison Officer is aware of all applicants intending to apply for the upcoming round of FIAP Distinctions. Registered applicants are kept up to date with any changes to documents or requirements. It is not a requirement that you proceed with the application, should you choose to not go ahead. You do NOT need to register if one of the following applies:

•    You have already registered here and have received email acknowledgement of your registration.
•    You are just seeking information and are not yet intending to apply for FIAP Distinctions

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Details registered for a previous year’s applications round are not automatically carried between years. A new registration list will be established after 28th Feb each year. If you delay submitting your Distinction application to a later year, or apply for another distinction in the future, you will need to re register.

Applicants, who do not register, will of course still be processed but they run the risk of their application being rejected if incorrect/outdated forms are used or new requirements are not fulfilled.

If you have already registered or do not wish to register yet you may proceed to the FIAP Documents Downloads Page.  To register, please complete details below. An acknowledgement email, confirming your Registration will be sent to your email address. Please contact the Liaison Officer if you do not receive this. Once submitted, you will be automatically redirected to the Document Downloads Page.


FIAP Distinctions Registration
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