January - February Edition

Division activities on Council

By Robert Dettman - Chair Digital Division



The Australian Digital Photography Awards Exhibition (ADPA) has closed and Ron Jackson, the organiser, advises me that judges will be completed soon. This exhibition is a Digital Division event for all of APS and beyond. It has quite a successful record. This time around there were 105 entrants and more than 1200 images.


To help unify the APS National Exhibition from the entrants point of view, MC has deemed that the APS National should have the same opening and closing dates for entries in all sections, that is, print, digital and A/V. The entry period has been decided as 1st May until 28th June. Digital Division has the responsibility of organising the digital section of the exhibition and once again we can be grateful for Ron Jackson doing the work for us. At this stage Ron reports that judges are being organised and the calendar finalised. He expects everything to be in place in the next couple of weeks.




Maureen Maxwell and Dennis Nolan have completed the ground work for the Summer Competition. It will be open for upload from 1st February until 28th February on the upload site prepared by Dennis and accessible from the Divisions web page on the APS web site. There are two sections, Open and Architecture. Once again this is a competition with cash prizes and no entry fee.




The mid-week dinner has become a well supported and much enjoyed event at APSCON. Lynne Bennie does the not insignificant organising work and is well advanced with this year's event which will be held in the Lighthouse Beach Resort ballroom in Bunbury. The ballroom is currently undergoing a major renovation so it should be looking superb for our event in September. Most of the expenses are covered by the payments made by those attending, but Digital Division has always underwritten the cost. To assist in keeping the cost down for conventioneers attending the dinner and to help ensure a good quality of food and entertainment the subsidy has been increased to a maximum of $1,000 for each of the next two APSCONs.




Phillipa Frederiksen is managing the Digital Awards nomination for us. Nominations are made via a form on the Division's web site.




I know, budgets are boring and by now it is old news, but … The budget for the two year life of the current council has been accepted by division Council and MC. Most of the work fell to our treasurer, Robert Douglas, working in conjunction with Andy Yeo, the Society's treasurer. Since this was the first time a budget has been prepared it was a  significant "business" project. The essence of it concerns the monies allocated to fund our projects and for the record, here is the list of activities and the monies allocated.


Opening funds available


(Based on 800 members)




Less: Expenses


Expenditure authorised previously


    Resolution 2012-01


APS National




Seasonal Competitions prize money


Digital dinner subsidy


Photobook Competitions


APSCON screens


4 Nations


Digital award trophy


Youth Division assistance


Cash balance preserved for next council








Unallocated funds for future projects





The web site continues to evolve as a source for all Digital Division information. The most recent addition is a calendar of events. This includes critical dates for Councillors as well as events of interest to all members such as Exhibition/Competition entry dates and APSCON. Thanks to Stella Fava for making it happen.


Tips for photographers planning a "shoot" in very cold or snowy climates

by Fran Cross, AAPS PSQA

Apart from the obvious of being warmly clad and shod, wear 2 pairs of gloves, thick weather proof outside, and thin thermal gloves underneath.
This means that you can remove an outer glove to make camera handling easier and then replace the heavier glove ASAP.  If you wear rings on your fingers and it is cold enough gem stones can give you frost bite if they touch skin!! I have scars to prove it.

Exposures will vary depending on whether you have blue or grey skies, so adjust the exposure to open your lens up 1 to 1 1/2 stops as necessary. Set your white balance or when you arrive home, adjust it in your computer.

Be careful not to breathe on your lens. It might fog up and may not clear until the camera warms up.

Warm your camera slowly: do not take it from freezing outdoor temperatures into a warm room as this could cause condensation which might damage the camera's electronics. Put it into a cool area and let it readjust to warm temperatures gradually.

If you use film, remember that cold makes film brittle, so wind it on and off slowly to avoid damage to the film.

MOST IMPORTANT...have a spare battery in a warm place, in an inner pocket or an external pocket beside a "hand pocket warmer" . These are readily available at most camping goods stores.

Snow simplifies landscapes and can make the ugliest scene quite beautiful.
Fast exposures freeze snow and slow exposures show streaks of snow.
Flash can add sparkle to snow.

If the battery in your digital camera gets very cold one may not be able to take photos.  It would be a pity to miss images because your camera battery has "hibernated."

This based on my experiences.