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Graham Burstow

Graham’s involvement in photography started at an early age and has continued throughout his life.

He is patron and life member of the Toowoomba Photographic Society and was Chairman of its six approved International Exhibitions. He is a Honorary Life Member and Foundation Member and Past President of the Australian Photographic Society.  He was Chairman of its Print Division for ten years during which time he organized some of the Services we enjoy today.He is still on several APS subcommittees.

Graham has exhibited his work in over 20 countries and gained a Fellowship in each of the Australian, British and American Photographic Societies and also the EFIAP.  He was responsible for introducing Social Documentary into Australian National Exhibitions and published a book on this style of work. His prints are in many collections including the Australian National Library.

Graham is most interested in how we see pictures and how we interpret them with our personal knowledge.



Centenary Church-Service-by-Graham-Burstow

Centenary Church Service

This small country church was celebrating one hundred years of church services.  As my grandparents and my mother were once involved with this church, I offered to record the celebrations in monochrome.  I stood on a stump cap and took this photograph through the window.


Further Apart by Graham Burstow

Further Apart

It is always a delight to capture a critical reaction between your children.  My young son was trying to keep in his sister’s world, without much success.  He was then always under my feet which proved to be what he needed.


Mothers Care by Graham Burstow

Mother’s Care

The timing of this image was crucial.  By not including the mother’s eye, it can have any of several meanings.  The viewer is left to interpret the image as their imagination dictates.


The Search by Graham Burstow

The Search

This echoes Baroque Art in which elements in a picture have symbolic meaning and their position relates to this meaning (Iconography).  An emaciated dog suggests a bad trait in one’s character and its location indicates what you are doing about it.  Placing it near the edge suggests one is trying to be rid of this trait.  This image includes three searches.



Urban Landscape

Changing conditions can sometimes transform something ordinary into something special.  The warmth of toiling workmen in a new building caused the condensation on the inside of the glass of the new windows, transforming the view of the opposite building into something special.