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I got involved with photography when my parents bought me a baby brownie for my 9th birthday and then bought a home processing kit so we could develop our BW film and make contact prints on the farm where we lived. I do not really have a favourite type of photography. I enjoy trying anything and everything. I want to keep on striving to produce good images, and have my own solo exhibition one day. I would like to learn more about anything I have yet to master, which basically means everything! I currently use a Nikon D200 and Photoshop CS3 and am perfectly content with them.

I joined both the Canberra Photographic Society (CPS) and the then Queanbeyan club in August 1971 to learn more about photography. I only stayed with CPS for a short time (because the judges didn’t have time to comment on all entries and so you often received no feedback about your own work). I returned to CPS many years later when the Monaro Camera Club was absorbed into the CPS. I enjoy the opportunities for interaction with other members, both those who have been around for as long as me and the newer members, particularly those exploring new things that I can learn from. I would like to CPS encourage more members to enter National and International salons and, perhaps, aspiring to photographic honours. I would also like to see small groups of members doing things together, such as all exploring the same theme, or using each other as models to practice their portraiture techniques, or anything else that someone might suggest.

I joined APS in 1976 and have been involved in many aspects of it from the start right up until now.


Tim Triptych

An image of another member of the choir I am in – taken during dress rehearsals. I created the abstract sides of the final image from Tim’s braces.



Swooping Gull

A grabbed image of a seagull as it swooped after bread being thrown to fish beneath the surface of the dark water at an oyster farm  wharf.



Jaisalmer 2142

A portrait of a man in Jaisalmer in India. Even though his head is not included the image tells me so much about his lifestyle.



Zionism Fantasy

An image created from two separate images – of a man wearing his Judaism Rejects Zionism badge at a Trafalgar Square demonstration, and of Waimea 61 (also shown here).



Waimea 61

People jumping from a rock formation (at Waimea in Hawaii) into the surf below despite a sign warning of the dangers.