Which group should I join

New members of the Society can find it difficult to decide which of the six Groups to join initially. This might help you decide.

Audio Visual Group is for people who are interested in creating audio visuals using their images together with sounds and narratives.

Nature Group is for people who have a special interest in photographing nature. Members are encouraged to have knowledge of the definition of Nature Photography as well as the Code of Conduct.

Contemporary Group is for people who like to take a contemporary approach to their photography. It caters for a wide range of individual interpretations of photographic imaging. So, if a person’s images, regardless of how they are produced, are contemporary in style, they should consider joining the Contemporary Division.

Print Group is for people who like to make and display prints of their images, in exhibitions or competitions or elsewhere. This Division aims to promote and encourage the photographic image on paper.

Digital Group is for people who like to capture images which are then stored as a digital file ready for digital processing then possibly displayed, printed, stored, transmitted and archived using digital and computer techniques. So, a person who does those things should consider joining Digital Division.

Movie Group is for people who like to capture moving images, editing them, and compiling them to create a story.

Joining Multiple Groups

Members may join as many Groups as they wish.

For example, if a person who joins either or both of Print and Digital Groups has a particular interest in nature subjects, he or she should also consider joining Nature Group. If they use their images in audiovisuals they should also consider joining Audio Visual Group. And, of course, if their images have a contemporary style, they should consider joining Contemporary Group.

It is most unlikely but, theoretically, one person might join all Groups. A person who creates contemporary style digital images of nature subjects for data projection, prints some of them for exhibition and uses some of them in audio visuals could consider joining all Groups.