Print Group

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The APS Print Group is dedicated to celebrating the printed image. In this age of digital proliferation, the Print Group still believes that the printed image has value and gives photographic images a genuine presence not possible on screen.

The print group currently offers the following activities:



Folios are small groups with a maximum of 10 members. Members in the group send their prints to each other by post for comment. Some folios have a voting system in the round, To join this service or to find out more about it please contact the Director of Print Folio Services, James Camplin by email.   Email James Camplin



Open to all members of the print group. Currently in recess, the competition will be relaunched in 2021. Watch this space for details.

Plans for a newsletter, video-conference meetings and guest presentations are currently underway. Watch this space for details.

If you would like to join the Print Group, or any of the APS special interest groups, please contact the APS office or nominate the group on your annual membership renewal.

The Chairman of Print Group, Mario Mirabile EFIAP MAPS.  Email Mario Mirabile



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