Who's Who

The objective in collating and publicising the “APS Who’s Who in Photography" is to give recognition within and outside the APS the success of APS members who have entered and received acceptances in APS recognised Nationals and Internationals held within Australia during the previous year to the 31st December.

Allocation of points are collated in the various categories (open prints, nature prints, nature projected images etc.) with a maximum of 4 acceptances per category per person. These are the total acceptances which a member may receive, as distinct from the maximum of 4 points per salon which may be used towards APS Exhibition Honors submissions.

Points are also included for members who have judged APS Approved Nationals and Internationals, giving recognition for their photographic services towards the individual salons. Judges are allocated 3 points per section judged in any individual photographic salon.

The publication of a “Who’s Who” is in common with other photographic societies, including the Photographic Society of America.

An additional aim of the “Who’s Who” is also to encourage APS members who have attained their AAPS Honors to continue to enter Australian Nationals, even though the acceptances cannot be counted towards the FAPS Exhibition Honors level within APS.

Every effort has been made to keep this list accurate, however the compiler takes no responsibility for errors or mis-spelt names. If you feel that your name is spelt incorrectly or your Honours are incorrect, simply send a nice email to the Secretary.