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Photo Book Awards

Presented by APS Print Group and;Picture 1


MomentoPro Dark 500






across two categories: “Individual” and “Camera Club”

1st  Prize in each category: $350 voucher

2nd  Prize in each category: $250 voucher

3rd  Prize in each category: $100 voucher


A Cash pool of $500


  • Entry is FREE and open to all APS members and camera club members. 
  • Entries must be submitted as printed books, using a printer of your choice.
  • One book may be entered in each category.
  • There is no limit to the size, format, or number of pages.

Send or deliver entries to Paul Balfe, 120/16 Surbiton Court, Carindale QLD 4152 by 7 October 2022

For further details contact Paul Balfe -   or   0404 822 317

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Category Definitions

The categories for the APS Photo Book Awards will be Individual and Camera Club.

Individual Entries

Entries in the Individual category are open to any entrant who is a member of APS and/or an Australian camera club. The subject matter is unrestricted, with the author free to choose any theme, subject or topic.

Judging criteria will include excellence and fitness for purpose in photography; selection and sequencing of images; design, layout and typography; and originality of concept and design. The images in the book should provide an engaging visual narrative and should work together to deliver an overall visual impact that is “greater than the sum of the parts”. Text supporting the visual narrative may be included but is not a compulsory element.

Camera Club Entries

The Camera Club category represents a new initiative for the APS Photo Book Awards in 2022.  The category is open to all Australian camera clubs, with entries created as the result of a collaborative photo book project by club members. Again, the subject matter is unrestricted. All submissions will be welcome, and in particular projects that reflect a specific theme or storyline.

This category has been introduced with the intention of encouraging camera club members to actively participate in the planning, preparation and production of a high-quality photo book as part of a collaborative club project. For those camera club members who have never produced a personal photo book, and who may feel they lack the skills or experience to do so, a club photo book project could provide an invaluable learning experience.

Given this focus, club entries will need to be able to demonstrate that they have been produced through a collaborative effort by club members. To this end clubs will be asked, as part of the entry requirements, to include a Project Statement explaining the collaborative processes by which their entry has been produced.


Our three expert judges for the APS Photobook Awards 2022 will be Lisa Kurtz, Pia Jessen and co-founder of Momento Pro Libby Jeffery.



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Host a Camera Club Photo Book Competition
Extend your member’s photographic skills and showcase their creativity by hosting a photo book competition at your local camera club.  Read our quick guide on hosting a photo book competition and be inspired by the winning photo books below. Momento Pro is offering voucher prizes, just email with your request.

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Momento Pro 2021sa


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MomentoPro Book Comp - Winners announced 2021

Six winning entries from the 2021 APS Photobook Competition

MomentoPro Dark 500



Judges (from L to R) Damian Caniglia, Anne Russell and David Symons reviewing the entries in the Portfolio category.

Now in its sixth year, the Australian Photographic Society’s annual Photo Book Awards 2021 attracted a total of 20 entries. While the number of submissions was down on last year (impacted by the extended lockdowns in Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory) the quality of entries was once again very high. Congratulations to the six winners across the Storytelling and Portfolio categories – Judy Parker, Ingrid Hendriksen, Hemant Kogelar, Amanda Luker, Deborah Forbes and Ian Skinner – who share prizes of $500 cash from the APS Print Group and $1500 in photo book vouchers from Momento Pro.

The Awards attracted entries from APS and camera club members across Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and South Australia. A wide variety of photographic genres and subjects were represented including aerial, creative and littoral landscapes, wildlife and environmental impacts, photojournalism and reportage, human interest, still life graphic, contemporary street photography and photo-travel.



Judging took place on 17 October at the ‘Art at Heart’ studio in Bellbowrie. Anne Russell (Photographic Society of Queensland accredited judge and photography educator), Damian Caniglia (professional photographer and videographer) and David Symons (award-winning photographer, photo book creator and collector) reviewed the books physically on site. The judges separately assessed and rated each book in turn. After the judges’ individual scores were collated they came together to discuss and agree final rankings in both categories.

The judges awarded the prize-winning books for their excellence and fitness for purpose in photography, sequencing of images, design, layout and typography. The Storytelling category winners also showed an originality in concept and design, and an engaging visual narrative. The judges’ rationale for selecting each of the prize-winning entries is outlined below.

All contestants were provided with written feedback on their entries, the judges providing positive comments highlighting the strengths of each submission as well as constructive suggestions where appropriate.




‘Afterthoughts’ by Judy Parker

APS Member
Canberra Photographic Society
Canberra Photoconnect

Prizes: $150 cash and $350 Momento Pro voucher

View book:

This book was the unanimous winner of the Portfolio section. The judges noted ‘a stunning body of work with consistent post-production.’ They also commented on the book’s ‘excellent design, layout and use of text to support images which form a beautifully presented, cohesive package. A great concept complemented by well thought out design, paper stock, font and format.’


‘Aerial Art’ by Ingrid Hendriksen

APS Member

Prizes: $75 cash and $250 Momento Pro voucher

View book:

The judges awarded ‘Aerial Art’ for its wonderful natural landscapes, presented as cohesive abstracts. They commented on the beautiful images and good choice of paper stock. Overall, it was seen to be ‘a fantastic body of work’.


‘Imagined Places’ by Hemant Kogekar

Northside Creative Camera Club

Prizes: $25 cash, $100 Momento Pro voucher

View book:

Hemant created ‘Imagined Places’ as a lockdown project using parts of images from earlier travel, together with everyday objects from suburban life. The judges commented that each of the images in the photobook would be ‘amazing as a piece of art presented in a gallery’. They commented on the strong creative idea and good continuity of themes throughout.




‘Wings on Water’ by Amanda Luker

APS Member
Edwardstown Photography Club

Prize: $150 cash and $350 Momento Pro voucher

View book:

In ‘Wings on Water’ Amanda uses free verse to tell the story of grey-headed flying foxes displaced by climate change and now roosting in Adelaide parklands. The judges commented on the excellent photography throughout, with beautiful images of the flying foxes and effective use of poetry and images to tell the story of their plight.


‘Moments on the Waters Edge’ by Deborah Forbes

APS Member
Fine Art Photography Association

Prize: $75 cash and $250 Momento Pro voucher

View book:

In this book, Deborah reflects on happy times spent by the beach with her ageing mother. The judges commented that this was ‘a great idea well executed. Production and placement of images on pages is excellent. Images and story are well connected. A very personal work that succeeds well with its aims. The style of photos fits the subject matter very well’.


‘Aftermath: Cadgee 2020’ by Ian Skinner

APS Member

Prize: $25 cash and $100 Momento Pro voucher

View book:

‘Aftermath: Cadgee 2020’ is a story of heartbreak and loss in the devastating bushfires which swept through the NSW South Coast hinterland in the summer of 2019–2020. The judges praised the ‘excellent choice in book size, paper stock, design and layout, text/font. Great presentation of story and images.’


If you would like to host a photo book competition at your local camera club, and receive a $150 Momento Pro voucher prize, email and if you’re not already a member of the Momento Pro Club Program, sign up at to receive 30% off your first order then $10 off all future orders.