APS Application Information

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Please make a payment AFTER you have been informed by the Exhibition System Coordinator that your application has been SUCCESSFUL.

Please follow the 9 Steps (10 if applying for AV-MAPS or AV-GMAPS)


  pdf Table of Requirements for APS Honours (167 KB)  (AGA5.pdf)

This will help you in deciding if you have met the requirements for a particular honour. This is a guide only and the relevant honours rules document (AEA1, AEA1_AV, APA1 or APA1_AV) must be read prior to submitting an application.


If you meet the requirements, as written in the document above in step 1,  you then MUST REGISTER. After registering, proceed to steps 3-10.

Honours by Exhibition & Panel Registration Form

This registration will expire in 6 months. You will need to re-register after expiry.

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  pdf Skill Honours Information & Guidelines (644 KB)  (AEA2.pdf)

Read the information and guidelines to assist you in completing the requirements.


  pdf AV Exhibition Honours System (141 KB)  (AEA1_AV.pdf)

Read the details of the requirements for this honour.


  spreadsheet AV Exhibition Honours Application Sample (105 KB)  (AED2_AV SAMPLE.xls)

Look at this sample spreadsheet carefully before you start completing AED2 Exhibition Honours Application. You may need to check this sample periodically while you complete your application.


  spreadsheet AV Honours Application Form AV-LAPS, AAPS, FAPS, MAPS, GMAPS (110 KB)   (AED2_AV.xls)

Complete this spreadsheet in the same order that you received your results.


Retired Titles List

Note: This must be completed when applying for AV-MAPS or AV-GMAPS


Verification Information (GGA1.pdf)

After you have completed AED2 you will need to get your results verified. This document explains the process and what you are required to do.


  pdf Lodgement Instructions-Skills (269 KB)  (AGA2.pdf)

After completing AED2 you will need to contact a Verifying Officer and he/she will instruct you to send the application (AED1) to them by email and make an appointment to get your application verified.


List of Verifying Officers

List of Verifying officers.


When you have been notified by the Exhibition System Coordinator that you have met the requirements for your award, you will be provided with a link to the Honours Application Payment Form.