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This service to APS members is for those who have chosen to participate in the web folio system. Allocation for these Folios is by the Folio Administrators. For any queries relating to your Folio contact your Folio Secretary or Jenni.

Some folios here have chosen to view and comment on images, some have chosen to score images as well.

It should be remembered that images in these galleries are not for general public viewing and those who access this gallery can do so only through prior registration with the Administrator.

All images within this site are subject to copyright as owned by the photographer. If you use an image without permission from the photographer, legal action will be pursued.

Downloading of images is NOT permitted.

Image Viewing & Commenting Guidelines

The temporary acquisition of an image via download, screen capture or screen grab in any shape or form is not permitted. This includes the temporary use of an image to be used in image assessment or editing software.

It is a condition of using these folios that images will only be viewed on the APS Folio web site and will not be taken into software to determine whether an image needs further adjustments.
The use of browser add-ons to determine further image adjustments to an image is also not allowed.

Commenting on folio images shall only be based on on-line viewing of the images.

The above may be varied only with the written approval of the image's author and copyright holder.

Folios will close at 5.00pm on the last day of each month. Members will be unable to upload images to the round after closing time; they will be required to commence with the next round. Commenting on the images will be possible for an extra month after closing time of the round.

Weekly folios close at 5.00pm on the Sunday of each week. A new round will commence Monday morning. Commenting on the images will be possible for an extra week after closing time of the round

Click here for Web Folio User Manual.

For ND members, two weeks are given to comment on images immediately following the close of the round. Click here for the FIAP Definition and here for the Code of Conduct.

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Image Coaching RoomThis Folio is by invitation only to new Digital Division members who request advice on their photos. Advice is given by the Coaches, a group of very experienced members who have offered to staff the Image Coaching Room.
Nature Division
Photo Art
Contemporary Division
Set Subject - Landscape & Portrait
Thinking Beyond the BoxThese folios are intended for those who now wish to extend their photography by making themselves think beyond their present involvement with Photography.
Contact Hans Schmidt for more info: hschmidt@internode.on.net
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