Salon Entrant Essentials

Golden Guidelines for Exhibition Entrants

1) Carefully store all your exhibition catalogues. These are required at the time of lodging an application for FIAP Distinctions for verifying/proving the results you list on your applications.

2) Always check that your exhibition results notification (report card) matches the catalogue listing asap. Contact the Exhibition’s Chairman for an official letter detailing your results immediately if you find a discrepancy. The salon are required to also notify FIAP and PSA of corrections.

3) Exhibition catalogues that are only available as a website catalogue should be downloaded, and backed up, as soon as possible as these may only be available for a short time. It is essential that you read the "Verification Information” document GGA1, available in APS Honours and FIAP Distinctions Downloads, regarding downloading and use of website catalogues for exhibition results verification.

4) All images MUST have a name/title or they cannot be accepted into salons with FIAP Patronage. An image titled “Untitled No1” etc is also not accepted.

5) An image’s title MUST remain the same for an image throughout it’s exhibition history. This rule applies to both the APS and FIAP honours systems. Ensure you keep it identical as a slight variation will see it sort to a different spot in the FIAP Distinctions digital records.

6) FIAP currently consider an image converted between Colour and Monochrome to be the same image that should have the same title. This is contrary to rules for PSA honours that some people also seek. The simplest way to avoid complications is to decide on your favourite version and just enter that one.

7) It is recommended that you maintain your results on a list or spreadsheet as you receive your results. This will make completion of your Distinctions application documents quicker and easier. In the case of FIAP Distinctions, it will save you a lot of time if you use the FIAP Distinctions application form's spreadsheet.

International Salons/Exhibitions with FIAP Patronage

There are currently over 500 photography salons/exhibitions around the world that are approved by FIAP. Such approval is known as FIAP Patronage and involves salons complying with particular rules stipulated by FIAP and meeting certain standards. These exhibitions are run as competitions with the best of the images “Accepted” to be part of the resulting exhibition of photography. Images may also win awards. These “Acceptances” and “Awards” can be counted towards FIAP Distinctions should the entrant meet the required achievements and choose to apply. APS also count these acceptances when applying for APS Honours. For the full list of International Salons, with FIAP Patronage, both past and upcoming click here.

There are a number of Australia’s International Salons with FIAP Patronage. We encourage you to support the Australian Salons. Here are the links to those that have FIAP Patronage, the results from which can be counted for both FIAP Distinctions and APS Honours:

Adelaide AV Fest
Maitland International Salon
Queensland International Digital Circuit
Sydney Harbour International
Sydney International Exhibition of Photography
Vigex International Print Salon and Vigex Digital Salon